Top 3 ways to download Facebook videos from Facebook Page

As the world’s largest social media network with over 2 billion monthly activate users, Facebook has generally turned into one of the most significant video websites. However, unlike YouTube, Facebook does not yet have an offline-view function for online video. Downloading video from facebook is not as simple as you download from Youtube, just hit the download button and everything is ok. If you are wondering how to download facebook video to your device– Android, Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, below’s exactly what you need. Please continue to read the content on how to download Facebook videos.

Table of content

  • How to download Facebook videos online?
  • How to download Facebook videos with Chrome Extension?
  • How to download Facebook videos with Mobile App?

How to download Facebook videos online? is one of the best tools available online for downloading video from facebook, and it can also convert videos from Facebook to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files and download them for free.  It allows you to download and save your favorite videos from Facebook to your PC just in seconds. You don’t have to install any app, just paste the URL, select the file type you want to save and click the Download button.

Three steps to download facebook video

  1.   Copy the Facebook video link you’d like to download: Right Click on the video -> Show Video Link -> Copy.
  2.   Paste the video link to and Click GO.
  3.   Choose the format you want to save as. It allows you save as video or audio with various


How to download Facebook videos with Chrome Extension?

You can also install a google extension such as Video Downloader For FaceBook. Video Downloader for FaceBook extension can download media from any page where the FaceBook video is embed. It will show you download button after you install extension successfully. Just Play the Video and hover a cursor on it, “Download” button will appear in the right corner of the Video player.

facebook downloader


How to download Facebook videos with Mobile App?

If you use your mobile phone to communicate with friends on Facebook every day, you must wonder how to download facebook live video to your own device. However, it is actually a challenging task to find ideal Facebook Video Downloader for Mobile use because there is much freeware to confuse your decision. Sometimes you are misled to install a free tool with a virus.  If you are an insane video fan and also wish to download facebook video with an easy and powerful app, you can give TubeBus a try. With TubeBus, you can easily download videos from Facebook at the best quality with high download speed.

Three steps to download facebook video

  1.   Install and launch TubeBus, click the facebook icon on the facebook;
  2.   Login your facebook account and choose the video you want to download;
  3.  Click the download button on that page like the following screenshot.



Features of TubeBus Facebook video downloader

1.  TubeBus Facebook Video Downloader uses the security data source to identify and stop any type of virus and hacker. It’s absolutely secure to download videos from Facebook. There is no login needed, no information taped and no virus detected.

2.  It should be so bothersome to see a screen full of ads when you launch an app. However, TubeBus take user experience prior to all others. There are and will not be any troubling advertisements, pop-ups, home windows to aggravate your user experience.

3. This Facebook online video Downloader can convert the link you paste to MP4 in high quality, 1080P supported. You can save a video from Facebook to desktop or in mobile without a hitch.

4. This is the fastest Facebook video downloader you ever use before. With the edge-cutting technology, TubeBus is able to download multiple videos at the same time at very fast speed.



Facebook has been the most popular social network nowadays. Millions of users all over the world use Facebook to communicate with friends and swap videos or and music every day. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow direct downloading content from the pages. If you wish to download Facebook videos, any of the three tools we have discussed above the article will certainly accomplish your requirements.  With TubeBus app help, you will be free to download facebook video to your devices.

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