Introduction of the best YouTube Player and Downloader—TubeBus APP

In the U.S., a YouTube Premium membership costs $11.99 per month, and only Music Premium will cost $9.99 each month. Is it expensive, right? Now I will introduce you YouTube Premium alternative TubeBus, which is a professional YouTube Music Downloader and Player for Mobile!

Youtube Alternative

YouTube Premium, previously named YouTube Red, is a paid streaming subscription service that provides advertising-free streaming of all video held by YouTube, special initial web content generated in cooperation with the website’s developers. It also offers offline video playback on smartphones. With TubeBus App, you can also enjoy all the privileges of a premium membership without a YouTube Premium.

Table of content

  1. Why Stream Music from YouTube with TubeBus?      
  2. What is TubeBus APP?
  3. The Features of TubeBus
  4. How to use TubeBus?
  5. The Price for TubeBus.
  6. Conclusion

Why Stream Music from YouTube with TubeBus?

Though YouTube was not developed to be a streaming songs service, Youtube Music stays the most-used site on the world to listen to songs and music legally. While rivals like Spotify as well as Apple Music are growing by leaps and bounds, most of the music enthusiasts still like to choose YouTube to hear their favourites music. it’s clear that none of them come even near matching the large library of YouTube.

YouTube hosts countless music videos and many people have a tendency to listen to songs on the YouTube app. You might also consider that if only we can enjoy the music but without watching the video clip, playing the songs in the background. Bingo! TubeBus Application is designed to stream music from the YouTube network. With TubeBus, you can play any type of single songs or even Youtube playlist in the background. You don’t need Youtube Premium at all. TubeBus, the professional music player will stream the music when your screen is locked.


Youtube Player

What is TubeBus?

What exactly is TubeBus? TubeBus is a mobile App, dedicated to online streaming, online music/video/playlist downloading. It is a professional music player and video/audio downloader.

  • Professional Youtube music player

With TubeBus, you got a new way to enjoy your favourite music from YouTube channel. TubeBus allows you to play YouTube Video as music without download. TubeBus can stream the music tracks from the YouTube website, so you don’t have to watch the video while listening. It saves you much traffic data. Even your mobile phone screen is locked or you switch to another app, TubeBus will still play the music in the background. It is a professional Youtube Music Player and Youtube to MP3 converter.

If you don’t know what music to listen to, TubeBus will help you to choose popular music. In the first screen of TubeBus, there are some selected hot playlists from YouTube’s official music channel, including Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Rock and New Music This Week, just tap Play All button, TubeBus will play the well-chosen playlist for you.

TubeBus app


With TubeBus, You can download any music or soundtrack from YouTube or other websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.  When you find a funny video on the video website and want to save it, just open TubeBus and paste the video URL. TubeBus will download the video for you.

Be different with other apps, TubeBus allows you to download the video in quality 480p, 720p as well as true 1080p and the music in quality 128kps, 192kps and up to 320kbps. You can enjoy true HD lossless music and video with TubeBus.

TubeBus download speed is very fast! You can download a YouTube playlist with dozens of songs within a minute. In addition, if there are some music tracks you’ve already own or don’t want to download, you can edit the playlist and remove them. It also provides multi-thread and multi-task download feature to accelerate your download.

Besides, you can also download on 200+ web site’s contain videos. It is the quickest video downloader available on the market.


The Features of TubeBus

TubeBus allows users to watch videos on YouTube without any advertisements across the website and its mobile apps, including the dedicated YouTube Music. Through the apps, users can also save videos to their device for offline viewing, play them in the background. TubeBus also offers original content that is exclusive to the paid user as well as offers ad-free music streaming.  It enables the user to ‘listen in the background’ on all videos and music being played through a mobile device. This feature is also available to free users.

With TubeBus, you will get a download icon below every video that you can tap to save the clip for later.  You will don’t worry you doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, as you can save the video and audio with WIFI and enjoy later.

  • Features of TubeBus:
  1. Download YouTube Video clips as MP3 Tracks without any quality loss!
  2. Stream YouTube Music directly without downloading it!
  3. High-Quality video and audio Download, audio quality up to 320kbps!
  4. Background Playback allows you to listen to your favourite songs Online and offline!
  5. Listen to the downloaded song anytime and anywhere with the built-in player!
  6. 5X Faster Download Speed brings you extraordinary experience!
  7.  No ads!

How to use TubeBus?

With the simple design, it is very easy to use even if you are a novice. Before the steps to use, please see the homepage of the app below.

TubeBus Interface


TubeBus have embedded the main video sites into the app. You can find almost all video here. If you want to play the video, just enter the video site and choose the video you want to watch or the music you want to stream directly without download.  Searching the music playlist from Youtube, you can enjoy the songs without any problem.

If you want to listen to the music later, you can download the music to your device. With TubeBus, you will get a download icon below every video or music that you can tap to save the clip for later. You can choose the quality as you like and standard quality is totally free. If the video is in some playlist, you will also be offered an option to download a single file or the total playlist.


TubeBus also allows you downloading muli-files together. In the Download Panel, you will see the downloading task and the files you have downloaded.

Download Playlist



Have leaned every part of TubeBus? Now you will see the play or download steps are very easy.

  1.  Choose the video site you want to stream or download
  2. Click the download button and choose the file format
  3.  Choose Play Now or Download

The Price for TubeBus

Now you must wonder how much the great app is. Actually, it is a freemium app and you can play or download with the free version without any question. However, if you want the advanced functions, you need to go Premium. The lifetime price is only $9.99 for the moment. With only one-month money of Youtube Premium, you can enjoy TubeBus Premium lifetime. You are also free to upgrade new version after you have a premium account.

Here is the comparison of the free and premium version, you can decide to go premium or not.




Play Online Video as Music



200+ Website Supported



Single Video / Music Download



Playlist Download



5x Faster High-Speed Download



Multiple Tasks Download



High-Quality Content Download



Background Playback





People are listening to music on all sorts of devices right now. If you download music a lot, you may want to consider a music subscription service. Youtube Music or Spotify are some of the services that provide broad access for a monthly fee. However, it might be an expensive method of adding to your music library. And now you have known that there is such great and cheap App TubeBus, which makes download your favourite music to create your music collection has never been easier. It is your time to have a try now, Feel free to download TubeBus.

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